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You want open education? You have to regulate yourself!

“Open education: What do Students want?  How will they contribute “

You want open education? You have to regulate yourself!

Do not take part in open education because it’s so flexible – but because it’s such a wide range of information, of opinions, opportunities etc.  – and you are an excellent path finder and looking for a chance to check out on your self-discipline.

As I assured myself of this week – again, trying to take part – at least marginally (and that’s the crux of the matter):

It’s the warm-up that takes a great deal of the energy needed to take part – rather than the actual reading, thinking and writing.

In the case of a MOOC – and probably any system of open education – it means getting familiar with the topics and its context, maybe remembering the players/getting to know them, remembering/finding the different virtual places of learning, understanding the linking of the different places, feeling part of it.

With MOOCs I feel I cannot jump on and off an open conference wherever you want and whenever you want (a system I high appreciate in unguided sightseeing tours): I want to know what has been discussed already – and not contribute something that has been said before, I want to relate – tha’s why I take part in a conference rather than “just” do research on a topic. That’s the additional benefit to me. That’s why I shoulder the troublesome work of finding my own way.

Side note: When it’s all about interaction – may I be better off in a closed community? Or at least in a sort of continuous community?

With no continuity it’s enormously time consuming getting into the process of open learning again – as measured by individual learning outcomes (if you bother defining those at all). And it’s getting worse when the extent of openness increases.

My conclusion: Whatever students might want of open education and however they intend to contribute – for aims of learning that are a little more complex they will somehow have to work out how to create continuity:

  • continuity to work on a set of topics for a while,
  • continuity in relationships,
  • continuity in learning times and learning “channels”.

You want to open education? You have to regulate yourself!

another side note: Unless: You’re open in a very open way… wanting to drift with the waves that get hold of you… which is admireable and enviable at times! May be that’s another learning aim that should find its way into the curriculum.

Best and thoughtfull regards,
Jasmin – taken away from Change11 again and again – due to self regulation…